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Banquet FurnitureBanquet Furniture - If you are setting up your own banquet or banquet company then you can find links to the banquet furniture you need to help you get started. We help with banquet tables, folding banquet tables, chairs, aluminum tables...

Banquet table cloth (Click to enlarge)
Banquet table decorations

There are plenty of tips for every kind of event you are planning to make it that bit better for you and your guests. Various banquet supplies may consist of:- tables, chairs, covers, & even centerpieces.

Planning and estimating are critical when preparing for a banquet. Also important is the selection of the best stuff for the special event you are planning. Selecting the correct banquet supplies depends in the type of event you are planning. No matter if is a small social reunion, or even a big wedding party, there are a big selection of banquet supplies and in many styles and models, so you could have many option available for the guests. Banquet tables, chairs, table and chair covers, decorations as floral centerpieces, champagne bucket, display tray, napkin, special design or elegant tissues, service plates, lights, napkin rings, vases, glasses, holders, serving trays, these are only some of things that you need to think about when preparing a banquet.

Banquet Chairs

As important as banquet table are banquet chairs. Where do you seat your guests?. Depending on the event, there are flexible folding plastic chairs for small outdoor patio events to elegant stacking chairs for big special events like weddings. When you're staging an event where banquet chairs will be necessary, remember how important it is that your guests experience the event in comfort. Quality chairs can keep listeners attentive for longer periods of time, enhancing the value of their event experience. Comfortable banquet chairs means you'll be hosting that client year after year.

  • Model: 1620-IFK
  • Hourglass back stack chair.
  • 7/8" square tubing 18 gauge steel.
  • 2" thick upholstered seat.
  • Ships to: North America.
  • Link to buy on-line: Biz Chair
Banquet chair (Click to enlarge)
Banquet chair
Price: US$59.99 each

All prices quoted on this page are indicative US prices at September 2006 - prices may change - please check with the retailer.

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Safe on Crafts - Hotel, wedding, reception, catering and banquet supplies. Banquet and special events. Many things for your banquet. On-line orders, shipping services to US.

Simulinen - Premium linen napkins, banquet, catering, and wedding supplies. On-line orders, shipping services to US.

Banquet Tables

Banquet tables are an essential part of banquet supplies. For any social function, be it a wedding, a church event, or just a backyard neighborhood summer party. Banquet tables have advanced a great deal in the last few years, making setup at your social functions a breeze. Whether plastic, aluminum, steel, or plywood, these banquet tables are designed to minimize damage and wear. Improved weather resistance means they're suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Make introductions easy at your next function with round banquet tables. As a part of banquet supplies, they're perfect for an intimate dinner group, or to bring distant relatives together at a family reunion. Or maximize space in your meeting hall with rectangular banquet tables.

  • Model: SAD305
  • iDesign Banquet Table.
  • Lightweight rectangular folding table.
  • Dimensions: 30"W x 60"L x 29"H.
  • Ships to: North America.
  • Link to buy on-line: Bright Settings Furniture
Banquet table (Click to enlarge)
Banquet table
Price: US$385.93 each

Table Covers

As seen in hotels and restaurants worldwide, table covers offers the silky feel and durability you will find in world-renowned establishments with the disposable convenience of paper. These banquet supplies are generally made by fusing cotton, virgin paper towels, also polyester with a soft, yet durable finish product. available in many designs and made to suit any table.

  • Model: 82"x82" Prestige Round Tablecover.
  • Price: US$79.50 for a quantity of 24.
  • Ships to: U.S.
  • Link to buy on-line: Simulinen
Banquet table cloth (Click to enlarge)
Banquet table cloth

Cup Vases

Elegant silver plated vases are perfect banquet supplies to decorate each place setting and also make wonderful moments of the occasion. These beautiful mint julep cups measure 5-3/4" Height x 4" Diameter. These kind of banquet supplies are an excellent option for weddings as centerpieces.

  • Model: Mint Julep Cups Sterling Plated Vases.
  • Price:US$9.99 each.
  • Ships to: U.S.
  • Link to buy on-line: Save on Crafts
Banquet table decorations (Click to enlarge)
Banquet centerpieces

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